Any More Features?

I know @dom said in a post made by @benf that more features and drastic changes like beats and the 8 second maximum time are coming, and I wanna know about them RIGHT NOW because I’m an impatient baby! To the byte team, is there any way that we could at least get a cryptic hint for what’s to come in the app’s future? Follow up question: when will the Partner Program money be distributed? I’m asking because that’ll probably drive more downloads and help the app gain more traction if websites report on it and stuff like that.


From the post:

As a reminder of the structure: Every 120 days we will establish a Partner Pool. Funds will be paid out to creators approximately every 30 days over those four months.

As for features, marinate in the surprise, m’lad.

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Mhmm :slight_smile:

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There will be official announcements from cami soon about the Partners program, so hang in there, and I think they are testing 8 second bytes on IOS right now, so that’s something new coming.

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