Any idea on the future of the Forum after the App Releases?

Would this community still be present after the app is out? if not, we should definitely make another similar forum where we could join up and help promo each other out.

(not sure if this has been posted already)


I feel like immediately after it releases, people would start heading to the app, uploading or filling it with whatever they can, but at the same time, the forum being more active once again, Then it’ll finally die out fast, kind of forgotten … ??


Sad to think about :’( but yeah it’ll probably start fizzling when the app is out… but I’m sure we’ll keep in touch through the app and on other social media platforms!! Just gotta stay connected bc teamwork makes the dream work!


Yeah…Even if it does fizzle, if we all want to stay in touch I can’t think of a better place…even if it is just like 15 people haha


exactly my thoughts

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Yeah, I hope the forum will still exist. It’s such a nice community, hopefully that atmosphere will translate to the app. :smiley:


Good question but yes! Dom stated that the Forums will still be up when the app is out.


I see myself checking in for the first few weeks, and then it’ll slowly die off, like I probably won’t check in everyday like I do. But hey atleast I’m honest abt it :joy::joy:

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The forum will definitely be more about off-topic things once v2 is out. Also, it will be more of a place for people who have been on the forum for a while because newcomers will find it useless considering the app would have already been released.


That’s an interesting take

THIS THREAD EXISTS. It’s pretty much all the answers to the one you just made.

btw @Marko made a really good reply on it. coolio