I suck at coming up with good usernames. I want something thats catchy and easy to type in. Drop ideas down below. PLZ!!! :wink:

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I like @UgliestTv :raised_hands:t5:

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You might use your real name with the 2nd name like DatBo___ , DatGirl___ Or Itz___ or many more idea’s like that.

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Don’t go for anyone’s opinions, do whatever makes you comfortable!!

My username is just a play on my name (Reblocka/Rebecca) that I made several years ago. Think of something simple, probably one or two words, that gives you an identity. It doesn’t have to be a real word! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I want some thats easy for other people to type on on youtube or v2 :wink: aha

Try to get just Ugliest lol

Use something really simple since we’ll be the first it will be easy to get a name. So years after people will be like “woah how’d you get that username.”


Something like your name or your name? I will put my name and last name, my V2 username will be ThomyBalca

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use whatever you like.

how about uglywaffle

Hopefully we all get in there fast enough and get whatever name we want

I want to get a username where everyone will be like: WOAH HOWD U GET THAT

But I don’t know what

Use your real name

Same. I’m. Just gonna use my name

Is the best option