Any future artists living in England?

Any of you guys from England? I know there are a few here but I want to see if there are any more. I think to help boost eachother, us UK artists must collabs like the US will.


A bunch over here: British V2 Creators! 🇬🇧🇬🇧 Where you at? 🇺🇸Vs.🇬🇧

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I’m American but I travel to UK quite often for family. Always down :slight_smile:

I live in England!

I’m from England :smile:

Im English. Even if the app is mainly US, american people can still follow/support British people so I don’t see the problem.

Collabing with other creators boosts your chances of ‘making it’ by a huge amount. Hense why I want to find other creators in England.