Any French speakers around here?

So I’ve been on for a while now, and I was thinking about connecting with other french speakers, possibly creating group chats too… But I haven’t seen anybody from France so far !
So here’s my SOS, my message in a bottle… ANY FRENCH SPEAKERS HERE? French Canadians? Belgians? Swiss? Or any African country? Please let me know I’m not alone !! x)

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Hahaha i didnt know any French in the community but I told you that this year I start French classes, is it difficult?

Well that’s something ! You’ll be speaking French so that’s enough for me haha !
To be honest, French is a difficult language, and it’s much easier to speak it naturally and having to learn English than the opposite. But I think it’s worth it! French is a nice language to speak and it is also interesting to see how differently it sees the world compared to English (a lot more abstract/poetical images etc).
To be honest I think it’s harder to get an okay level in French, but then it’s easier to become completely fluent. As opposed to English with which you can reach an okay level quite easily, but will struggle to become fluent.

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Fun fact: My two last names are from France

Oh really? What are they?

From my father is Balcabao and from my mother is Esquerré, I think my mother last name was modified by immigrants when they arrived to my country

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My parents speak french, i understand it and
@quentin is french


Oooh Esquerré could be a french name modified to sound spanish yes ! Because Esquerre is a quite popular name here !

Yayyyyy found one ! Haha thank you ! Do you have french origins?

Really? Wow!

:raising_hand_man:t4:French canadian here

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Yes, there’s actually a radio guy and comedian named Chris Esquerre ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yaaayyyy ! Oh my god I love your nickname xD Are you gonna use it on V2?

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Damn that’s great, I never thought it was so common

Explain origins

Hahah thank you yea I might

Like idk… My grandfather’s parents were Italian so I have a bit of Italian origins?

Well there are some more common ones but yes, when I saw your name I made the link instantly :stuck_out_tongue: However i dont know if that’s the case for the other. But France is quite multicultural so it’s really hard to tell in most cases anyway

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Well I think you should ! It made me laugh ! What kind of videos are you planning on making?

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Yeap I’m french :slight_smile: