Any filipinos out here?

hey there!

yeah yeah i’m a filipino and i’m also a youtuber ?? idk i’m not that big of a youtuber yet but i do make youtube videos!

the reason i’m totally excited for v2 is because i love doing little comedy skits(?) on snap and IT WOULD BE SO AWESOME IF I GET TO MAKE A MEME-ABLE VIDEO ON V2

anyways, yeah uhm i really hope i can make at least some people smile on v2

thanks for reading this sh*tty post and here’s my social media… thingies
just click the emojis for my social media

:twitter: :instagram: :youtube: :snapchat:


What is uuuup!
Which country you currently based off?
IG @damnitdc

philippines! :joy: hahahaha

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Sweet add me up! @damnitdc

I’m not Filipino but I am Asian

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i’m half filipina ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Half Filipino here

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