Any editors?

Are there any former or current video editors (tv shows/movies/anime) here? Also, if so, are/were you on Vine, Youtube, or Instagram?

me the one and only. OMG Its Richiey

I edit music videos, some promos on ig, have some up on Vimeo , and YouTube

I’m an anime editor. Feel free to check out my AMVs on YouTube if you’d like:

Ah I meant more of the “fan accounts” variety that would edit shows and stuff, but thats sick! How do you feel about V2?

I used to make edits on svp and post them on vine since like 2014. I have a utube but never use it soo,

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Nice! I started as a phone editor in 2014, but switched to FCP in 2015. do you think you’ll edit and post on v2?

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tbh I don’t even remember how to edit on svp but maybe I’ll try to edit on fcp again. Depends if I have time bc I stopped because it took so long to do and learn