Any *CURRENT* YouTubers out here? | QUESTIONS

Hello fellow YouTubers and soon to be byters,

I was wondering: how often do you guys post on your channels? Do you plan to change that when byte is released? Do you think byte will help you grow your channel? Do you think your subscribers will follow you on byte?

I remember back when v1 originally came out, there was a YouTube vs v1 creators thing. I personally was not fond of that and I think we should work to make that not happen this time around.

More questions relating to YouTube. Do you have trouble coming up with ideas for YouTube and do you think it could cause issues for byte? Would you be okay if someone included your byte in a compilation, but didn’t credit you?

Also, don’t be shy, please link your channels down below! I’d love to see your videos!

i never run out of ideas, i hope byte would help me gain subs, i would be satisfied if i were to be in a compilation ONLY IF they tag me


i feel like that’s super dope! i agree if a byte compilation was a thing i’d like to be tagged.

changed to YouTube and other services :kissing_closed_eyes:

I’m not currently posting, but once I’m not sick in like a week I’m hoping to!


I had a YouTube I sometimes posted my animations into. I don’t use it that much since my computer broke and I can’t animate.


Consistency is key!

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uploading again


Sorry I’m a bit late, I have a youtube channel that I’m pretty active on and I never saw it as the opposing force for vine content. I would make the content on vine daily and eventually post it in compilations on youtube (Which you may learn becomes super useful for copyright issues and not being ripped off). I do the same thing with instagram right now, and since it’s a separate community I see it as a great way to cross promote each account. At the moment I try to post about every weekend, and am able to post compilations every few months or so. Coming up with ideas is kinda hard but it doesn’t usually get in the way.

I wanna get back into making videos eventually because it’s fun! I’m a really small creator so I don’t see myself going anywhere any time soon, even if i do get heavily involved with byte, oh well lol

channel is here in case someone is curious:

i hope they make it v e r y c l e a r tho that those certain people are there. maybe like a credits reel at the end? sounds tacky, but I think that if they do it right it won’t harm the video.

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Scooby-Doo papa