Any Critters here hyped for the Vox Machina Animation?

Hey! I’m normally a lurker around here, but I’m way too excited about this not to scream it everywhere!

The Vox Machina Animated Kickstarter is breaking record faster than anyone anticipated, and just being part of this experience is feeling amazing!!

Anyone here a fan of Critical Role? Or DnD in general? Anyone else in this Byte fam also part of the Critter fam??

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wait whats the Vox Machina Animation?

Critical Role is a Weekly stream of proffesional Voice Actors who play DnD, and let me tell you, I am obssesed with how good they are!

But now they launched a kickstarter to make an animated series out of the stream and it’s breaking so many records, everyone is so excited, the fandom is so full of energy right now we don’t even know who else to talk about it with!!

I have pestered my poor family too much with this