Any creators who used OEVO? (discussion)

Hey what’s up guys. I just wanted to start a conversation about OEVO.
When Dom first announced V2 (Byte), a bunch of “clones” sprang forward.
Oevo was the most legit “clone” because it had former Vine Stars co-sign the app.
I’ve noticed some content creators who used to post on Oevo and are now apart of the Byte forums.

I’m pretty sure Oevo is dead now. BUT
I just wanted to hear your experiences with the app if you used it. Why you used it? Will you still use it?
And when Byte drops what do you think will happen to the “clones”?


I used it, but it was honestly terrible. I only created an account to fulfill my V2/byte needs. In terms of concept, it was ok, but that’s only because it had the same one as Vine. In terms of interface, however, it was extremely laggy and took up too much storage space. Content was average and follower retention was low. I’d rate it 3.5/10 altogether. Friends from the forums made it bearable. Would not recommend unless you are desperate for byte.


it was too glitchy for me. i watched like a total of 4 videos and then they stopped playing audio and some didn’t load at all. i didn’t even get into the upload button i deleted it like 15 minutes after downloading lol


I have been a user on Oevo.

Joined after 5 to 6 months after its release.

I heard the news that Dom was planning to release V2 and me and my sister who is just as enthusiastic about making funny short looping videos and was also on Oevo with me decided to do some little research on this topic. We then came across OEVO and decided to give it a try

We begun by making funny little comedy videos… the app wasn’t big very glitchy lots and lots of bugs and not many users however we started gaining a bit of popularity … there were many promises made by the creators for the app they were even giving out cash to the best creators. Me and my sis made hella bank about $500-$600 in a space of a few months … not that much but considering that the app was very small and not a lot of people knew about it we didn’t mind it.

We thought this is great we will continue making videos gain popularity and make people laugh… the cash was just a bonus , but the app was never going in the right direction… constant bugs and problems, not suitable for android users and so on. Then Dom tweeted that V2 will be postponed , this is when Oevo made a huge mistake by tweeting out Vine is dead and they took the piss … many people got angry…

As time went by the creators did not do anything to sort out the app, they were basically clueless and their tactics were bad …

In conclusion we used it to make vids and make people laugh because that’s what we enjoy doing, I still do use it every now and then however the app is dead I have spoken to the creator and theres some info that I know that is confidential but overall it is dead and won’t be returning.

Overall , the App was really bad !!! Creators were nice and friendly though not all but some.

Waiting on Byte now !!! really really hyped about it can’t wait. Each and one of us are truly amazing can’t thank you all enough for making my time and everyone elses time on the forums great. Once again thank you all we are a big family and the community is absolutely great LOVE YOU ALL !!!


I did, good times. The app was nice to me, I even got a “rising creator badge” but It was really buggy; that was the issue. But I’m glad I used it because there I got to learn how to edit and my content now is better for byte.


I began to use the app after v2 was postponed but I honestly wasn’t having fun on it :slightly_frowning_face: .
To me the app was kinda rushed and it didn’t work properly at times.
It was cool that it had contests but other than that, I really wasn’t feeling it.
And now when I think back, I think I won some cash on it, but god knows what happened to those coins :sweat_smile:


Their website appears to be defunct.


it was malevolent anyway, but if people had fun that’s good. im glad it’s not competition anymore tho


I used to be on it, not anymore lol :joy: