Any Animators/Editors want to form a stronger community?

Basically this refers to basically any content that’s digitally made (traditional animation, fan edits, amvs, motion design, 3D design, film editing, etc).

My work:
Motion Stuff:

I make animations in the motion design field (it’s easier if you just go see what I do at the links above). Basically I was just looking to make more friends/connections in the whole design/editing space. Not really with the intention of ‘getting famous’ or ‘blowing up’ but more just to have more people to talk to/more diverse connections y’know?

If you are in this space of content, leave a comment, link me to your stuff and maybe talk about how you got into doing what you do because I think that would be interesting!

Also, I was thinking that since forums aren’t always the most intimate spaces to make and maintain friends, perhaps a bigger group chat of some sort could be made? For keeping in touch purposes. I recommend Discord because I’m most familiar with it but I wanted to see what everyone thought before actually making it, let me know if this is a good idea/which platform it should be on!


Hello there (I don’t know how to start this haha)

I do fan edits (mostly K-Pop related) but im open to new Ideas!
Here is my Instagram:

I am still new to Editing but I love it! It’s just a Hobby but maybe I make something in the Future that inspires people to make something creative too!
I wanted to make Edits because I was so inspired by the people from the old Vine Editing community!

I also think Discord is a good place to make new friends and help each other out.

Well, that’s all from me! :hugs:
(I hope this made any sense because English isn’t my first language)

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Hi there, (I don’t know how to start this either)

I am also an editor and have been doing this for a couple of years
Here is some of my work:

I have already made a couple of my v2 videos and looking to make more. I have so many ideas using special effects and edits!

Hope you guys enjoy!

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I will join I am good and filming and editing.

I like that idea, i started making edits around 2015 and found a nice little community, though i lost touch with them around when vne started to die off.


ig editing brother
the vine editors have been surviving
dont know if u heard of these
@ koon_alex
@ FazonVFX
etc etc

also me @velo.fam on instagram

Yeah i have heard of those, heard they were huge back on vine.
Also i checked out your stuff, you’re really good!

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Yeah…i was never on vine but i have lost touch with lots of friends I would rather not have. Would be cool to keep in touch better haha.

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Which platform do you recommend?

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I checked out some of your stuff and it’s really cool! What programs do you use?

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You have really cool edits! And yeah Discord is my main thought right now since it’s just an amazing platform as a whole. Keep at it!


Adobe After Effects

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Nice same here man

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Nice (8char)

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What does 8char mean?

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You need to have at least 8 characters (letters) to send a message and I was just filling in some space

Oh haha I see

I would love to connect with more animators! I have never tried discord. I make little stop motion animations with dolls and action figures I’m on and also (adult themes)


I love the animations :heart:, please keep work on that

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