Anxiety before a post

Everyone gets it! Unless you’re a psychopath.

“What if they don’t get it?”
“Is this too weird?”
“Maybe I should just make another one…”

What byte of yours did you think would flop but ended up going better than expected?

Mine was one from today where I recreated a scene from The Labrynth. I expected maybe 5 people to understand it and that’s basically all I ended up caring about. But it went better than expected!


Haha, it’s the classic case of “This is comedy gold.” (No one watches.)

This is stupid (Somehow blows up.)

You never know what people are going to find funny. I made one after the Super Bowl about playing DND instead of watching the game. I was on crunch time that night and needed to make one fast. For whatever reason it’s one of my top ones right now.


Love it! I’ll have to check it out


during the first few days of launch I was just posting old ones to see which one hit, and the one I leased expected to hit, reached 12k likes… i was happy as a bean


Every time I post something I’m like “well if no one thinks it’s funny or makes sense at least I like it lol.” And the one that did better than I expected was a day or so ago when i compared comedy to porn lol


Oh man-I either have super confidence or none; I’m usually right as a smaller account less “blew up” and more did just as well as the others;

  1. about test scores, don’t like scoring low, obv, but scoring high can make me feel awkward with friends who I talk to when I score low. Really hard to get down to 6 secound, but hit 50 likes (high for me)
  2. yesterday I posted one that’s just “set up for joke. Continuation of joke. Punchline.” And then cut to a whiteboard that spelled out
    Hey make sure
    Likes and follows
    And I had to hope people got it was A) an ironic beg for likes/follows that spells out help, while also pointing out a formula a lot of us let ourselfs use to the point of overusing- or just that I was being held hostage to make bytes :man_shrugging:. Point is it was a weird one that got over 60+ likes.

First off, dont get too focused on flopping or not, but dont boost yourself so much that you’ll disappoint yourself.

I don’t think any of my bytes flop, they do reasonably well and were i predicted a decent amount of activity to happen. As long as you’re proud of what you made thats all that matters. Some of my proudest bytes are my least liked ones and that means 10x more those i make that do well but dont think much of them. If you like what you made post it dont overthink how it’ll do, plus how its doing now might be completely different by October, dont put yourself down before you even begin. So to you and others dont focus on how it’ll do but whether you like it enough to share to the rest of byte fam. :sunglasses::ok_hand:


Love it! With this formate of creating and then getting immediately judged by a like button can be pretty intimidating. I like encouraging people to get over that hump of being f themselves and putting themselves out there.


75 is my highest and all I did was pet my cat! I loved your set up punchline byte btw lol


Lmao I gotta check that out

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Post anxiety? Man, I can’t get enough of it. Through editing and spending at least a few hours filming and making each Byte, it really comes down to the small details…and after watching each one at least 500 times before I render it, I easily become desensitzed to my humor to the point where it’s all just cringeworthy and I no longer like them, so I have absolutely no clue what other people will think about my stuff unless they tell me or DM me or something.


Lol yooooooooo I’ve been following you ever since that naruto run you did! I’d be LUCKY to get 200 likes on a byte but you’re CRUSHING it! You’re definitely funny! But maybe trying harder to be funnier than your last post makes you even better? But I’m glad we both relate to each other on that topic!


@Beegenics Nah, nah man! I try my best, but I’m nowhere near many of the others I look up to. I’m only getting fair amounts of likes now because someone on the Byte team continues to put me on Spotlight, which I heavily appreciate, they’ve been giving my profile some love for the past two Bytes. I also changed my uploading schedule to once every few days, so as to not burn myself out. Thanks for checking me out, man! Any single like I always get, let alone more than 5 or 6 likes, is always enough to make me happy :^).


Oh! Can you think of a byte specifically that made you think would flop but ended up going well?


@Beegenics Flop? Literally every Byte, ever. Especially my Valentine’s Day byte; every Byte, I expect to get no more than 100-300 likes, but over enough days or being on spotlight, it creeps upwards past everything I’ve imagined. I only have a handful of Bytes on my profile, so being able to gauge things like ‘flops’ is still a little hard because my followerbase is always growing piece by piece, so things that I assume I’ve made when I had, like, 30 followers that have ~100 likes, I think would have many more if I had uploaded them now instead.

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I get anxiety when I post comedy videos
Thinking what if people don’t find this as funny as I did or think it’s corny . I push through and post it any way .:grin:


All of my bytes have this effect on me lol but tbh you get over it soon enough! Like I filmed one that I’m gonna post on Monday that I’m SUPER excited to post because my irl best friend is in it and we just had fun making it. Flop or not who cares lol it’s just fun to have a place to put these tiny clips I make to pass time. :grin:


Comedy ain’t easy! People will let you know if you’re funny or not and that’s kinda the challenge of it lol

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That’s awesome! What’s the worst that’ll happen? You won’t get “likes”? Heh… as if I need validation from strangers heh… :flushed:

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I get that pre post anxiety as well. I have a whole list of bytes i haven’t made yet because of being afraid of reception.

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