Antifa being categorized as a terrorist organization

For those of you uneducated- Antifa is not an organization. Is the “brand” of ideology, encompassing many actions, view points and organizations.
If the subgroup are classified as a terrorist organization, it opens the door for anybody protesting fascism or speaking against it to be arrested for terrorism.

(The ‘group’ that people generally think of as ~the big bad Antifa~ are the black bloc, which once again have been several groups as it refers to the method of protest. )


i guess i’m a “terrorist.”


Everyone they arrest that they don’t like they are going to call ANTIFA and charge them as a terrorist.

This is dangerous. More than anything they have done so far. Stay safe. Cover your face and hands at all times if you are part of the protest.


We do not have a president, we have a fascist-adjacent child throwing a tantrum because he cannot run this nation as a dictatorship. He’s our Racist-in-Chief, a shit-slinger, a provocateur, a threat to our first amendment rights, and a worldwide embarrassment. It is absolutely despicable that his administration is attempting to label an ideology (you correctly stated Antifa isn’t a group) as a “terrorist organization.” To be against fascism is to be American. I have been living a fucking nightmare since this waddling bag of shit was elected.


Me too.


As a member of a soccer supporter’s group who aggressively and publicly fought for the right to be able to take anti fascist symbols into the stadium, I fear that, if it came to it, there’s already more than enough evidence.

That being said, this is all excellent advise.

And, as always- street medics are your friend, but it’s better if you don’t know who they are, and they don’t know who you are.