Answers to some of your beta Q's

Hello friends of byte and a belated happy 2019!

No big announcements in this post (sorry!), but hopefully some clarifications and answers to your questions that will keep this from being the written equivalent of on-hold music.

We’ve now had two beta signups on this forum, plus a lightning quick signup window on Twitter, and there have been some questions about how we’ll deal with these lists. As mentioned here, the beta rollout will happen in phases. Here’s our current plan: People who signed up within the first window will get invites to the first phase. Those who signed up during the second forum window and through Twitter that same day will get invites to the second phase. Within each of those phases (which won’t be far apart), we’ll send email invites out over the course of a few days, so don’t worry if you see someone you know get it before you, it’s coming! We’ll post more opportunities to sign up for the beta in the future, but those will be for later phases.

There’s also this mysterious “Creator Program” that you may have seen and signed up for as well. This is a program that we intend to be ongoing. As long as there is byte, this will be one way for us to support and be in touch with our creators. We’ll contact everyone who signed up for this on our website as soon as there’s more to say. While the program is separate from the beta, some of those who signed up for it might get invites to it. TBD!

Now we just want to take a moment to say thank you for your patience and support, especially during this inevitable stretch of dark winter months (at least here in NYC) when most of the work is getting done. We know it’s not exactly satisfying to think about lists and phases when all we want is a download link, but just know that we’re working toward the day when you can open byte and start having fun with it. It means a lot to us that you’re here talking to each other, building community, and getting ready for day one. We are too!


Thank you guys! This’ll be awesome! We really appreciate your work, thanks again lol. u can change lives with this!


Exciting read! Really thankful for the update, the hype is real!


been rumours that people on the beta will get to invite other people, not the case? also im sure everyone here appreciates the effort you all put in!


Thanks Byte team! We have been looking forward to any & all information, even if it’s not a big announcement. We appreciate y’all. Looking forward to second phase beta :’)


We appreciate all of your guys’ hard work! I’m super excited to see what this app will bring to us :raised_hands:t2:

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still tbd!


SO first phase gets there invites now? @cami_p

Drop it on the 13th so I am right thanks


drop it anytime apart from the 13th so that he’s wrong thanks




I would say don’t rush, but you already know that. It seems like everyone’s working really hard and I can’t wait to hear more!


that’s what i was thinking too

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woooo! i am hype af, i hope i made the first wave! :speak_no_evil:


Thanks cami_p! We appreciate y’all so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::+1:

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Thanks for letting us now !! Appreciate it

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Can’t wait man. It’s gonna be sick-nasty :metal:t5:

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I don’t care if this isn’t a big announcement, this is news! and this is good news! I’m excited.

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hmmmm, more byte news = more views



Ayy thanks for the update!!

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