Another Poem written by me, an indie pop star (apparently.)

Im going to New Mexico Tonight.
Don’t follow me, I’m just going for a ride.

If you don’t mind, don’t even message me.
It’s just when I’m driving it would distract me easily.

You say that you’ll miss me but I know,
and they know, and we know, it wouldnt matter anymore.

Because I’ve fucked up too many times.
I left, over and over, I am not worth a pity lie.

So go ahead and just leave me on read.
I won’t be mad, trust me, because it’s time for me to leave.

“Where are you headed?” To the edge of the Grand Canyon,
not directly, so you wont know where I’ll be stayin’.

I will be looking over the edge tonight.
I wanna know what it feels to be alive.

So tomorrow night ill be taking that flight.
And as I’ve told you before, I will finally be fine.

Oh look at that sunset. Its as beautiful as you, and all the rest.
I just want to let you know that youre all the best.

Its not you, it is me.
It is time for you to let me be.

You should know that I do love you, more than anything.
But thank you anxiety, its leading me to Albuquerque.

Im sending you all of this while going 80 on the highway.
But hey, Ive been sad most of my life, if something happens, its okay.

In time you should forget my name.
You only know me thorugh a screen, some day we will stop talking anyways.

Hey you dealt with me for more than two minutes right?
You should know the way I roll that im never doing alright.

When im done with this depressed episode, im sure ill be okay in 30 minutes.
But then i look up, is that an 18 wheeler about to hit me? Oh shi-


niceeeeeeeeee :metal:t5:

Nice writing Nick

Someone give this man a publication deal, I swear to god

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This is actually pretty good. Now let’s see a guitar cover of this.

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Keep it up Nick this was really good




Absolutely iconic.