Another name idea, two in fact

I know every fourth post on the forum is suggesting new names for V2 on release. If V2 is in fact a project name, and not the finalised, definite name for the platform. I have two ideas, which I will suggest here.

Option 1: Vii
Pronounced “vee” as in bee. This is sticking closer to the original app name, as well as staying one syllable, with a subtle nod to the project’s beginnings through Roman numerals.

Option 2: Lup
A little more esoteric, straying from the V theme. Based on the idea of looping video, as well as giving V_nes a quick new name of Lups. I guess loops would be shifted to ‘Plays’ maybe. I’m also a big fan of the Adventure Zone, and that inspiration factors in.

I’d be completely okay with V2 staying as the name, but I have suggested on an earlier name idea thread that a community poll would be nice to pick the final name. Maybe a bracket-based elimination system?
Anyway, post any and all thoughts below.


I really liked loop but that name might run into some legal issues. So very interested in having the name Lup, easy to remember and different enough from vine for everyone not to call it vine.

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Vii makes me think of the game console Wii :joystick:


im kinda curious. isnt it planned to be called v2? since its official twitter account is v2app

The jury’s still out. There hasn’t been official word from @dom on whether V2 is a placeholder name and the final service will be called something else, at least not to my knowledge. Besides, I think a new name would mean we wouldn’t have to live in V_ne’s shadow.
Plus, you can change a Twitter username pretty easy.