Another name for popular2

Dom has mention multiple times in the forums that they are working on another page called popular2

hey all, good points here. we spent the weekend and yesterday addressing spam and stability, and now that we’re in an okay place we’re going to start looking at discovery
in the short term we’re discussing what we can do to get some quick adjustments out. the new popular 2 coming out soon is a start (and is a potential candidate for popularity algorithms across the app). we’re also discussing a rebyte change and will also lower the cutoff time for popular now. there are some good suggestions here and we’ll keep watching the topic
we’ve mentioned a few times that we’re working on an algorithmic recommendation timeline, but it’s going to take a little bit longer to get that out. we will also reevaluate Popular Now but we need good alternatives in place before we do that
keep the feedback coming

Anybody have ideas on names for the popular2 page? would love to hear them

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Popular 2: the electric boogaloo


popular: the sequel


Not so popular but not like too unpopular, got a decent amount of likes but sorta capped off at a good amount but people should still see it and not to hate on these creators of anything, they made a good post, just for some reason they ended up here and not on the main popular page out of just being unlucky page


For short


I’d say:

“The Byte”

I honestly love it and want it to be the new popular page…the ranking system kinda creates havoc


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Popular 2 is just popular now but shuffled

Recommended page would work I personally think


Hype beast entertainment

I think Shuffle Up is a good name!