ANOTHER insta group chat

For current forum users. Those who are still continuing or planning to make content … can also be used as an engagement group–drop your handles below!! mine is @hihidia

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@wheeliereid_31 I don’t have my phone with me so no DM’s for me!



@jadenkakoz, not done anything yet, but the more participation the merrier :slight_smile:

@thekinghusker on Twitter & Instagram.

@tyrellangusss on Instagram



@cyber_girlfriend on Instagram!

@rxlfs :call_me_hand:


We have already created one for Musically, OEVO and instagram PLEASE can we all agree to just use on instead of making heaps!!!

I actually made this for current users, some of the other engagement groups are either old, no longer used, or made after my thread I believe. :sweat_smile: I don’t really see an issue with this one… :slight_smile: it’s for more than one thing

My ig is @jack_leblach add me please!!!

ig @ carldsu here follow me