Annual v2 Awards:

Perhaps at the end of the year, a publicized event could take place on the app where different categories are presented.

These categories could include, but are not limited to:

Funniest "v2"
Most Creative "v2"
Best “v2” to use as an Icebreaker
Most memorable "v2"
Most influential “v2”


"v2"s would be selected as nominees by a committee or the general public, and then voted on and presented at the beginning of each year.

This would be a great in-app event to help continually promote users and content that the community picks out that made that particular year of v2 so special.

  • Ian Gunn (@iangncl on IG)

I’m all for contests/competition but this reeks of exclusivity and elitism. A popularity contest.


Perhaps the addition of different variables to the contest might help… I suppose any social media can be looked at as a popularity contest, battling for attention, but you make a valid point. Perhaps a particular category to the contest could be for underdogs, but in the grand scheme of things, it’d hopefully be similar to what Snapchat did with the last New Years: your own (except the entire v2 community) personalized (except voted for) 2018 highlights, just with “awards” (per se) and or recognition from the team at v2.

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This is something that could happen and will be very interesting to watch. But if it happens probably is going to be in around 2 years.


Sounds like a fun idea!

Maybe one of the rules could be that nominees cannot promote their nomination on any platform or offer incentives for voting for them so every nominee kind of has a fair chance?

Or maybe the public can vote for the top 2/3 while an unbiased committee chooses between the last 2/3 taking into account the public vote and other aspects?


This is definitely a good thought to bring up, anything to make the process of selection fair would be super important and make the results that much more interesting! :slight_smile:


It’s not a bad idea, it just needs to be handled correctly


Most Asian award goes to hopefully me. Yay. Can’t wait. Woooo :joy:

Isn’t there something called the streamys

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Yes, but it would be nice to see “app-level” appreciation for v2 specifically and not just online-video in general. It might connect the developer/platform to the audience more personally. As far as the virality of vine in the past, I know it definitely has the capability to house something like this.

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Nice, one category it would be “Best Foreign Video”

Well you won’t give awards to “vines” because V2 does not feature “vines”.


in regards to the popularity contest comments, i feel there should be multiple groups (2-4?) for each award presented, where each group would have people with similar amounts of followers and interaction. that’d probably be sort of complicated, but it’s just a thought.
like for a comedy award of some sort, there could be a group of people who have around 100k followers, a group with around 10k, and maybe a group around 500k? i’m just spitting out numbers but i hope that gets my point across.

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identity crisis solved with 2 edits +10 pts

Great idea :slight_smile:

hopefully, we can be a part of it!

Love it! Kinda like with the streamys but for v2.

This actually sounds pretty good, plus it lets people see the content they want based on genre.