Anime/Fandom editors, unite!

Hey my fellow Byters! :wave:t3: :partying_face:

Starting a thread early on to see if we can get an “EDITS” category into the app sometime soon. It took all the way up until about a few months before Vine went under (rip :skull_and_crossbones: ) to get one over there.

By the way, if you DID edit on vine, or plan to edit here on Byte, drop a comment so we can support each other going forward :wink: (my user was ‘All Things Anime - ATA’ for the 2k people who followed me lol) Do yall have any other ideas related to anime or fandom edits??
Namaste my friends! Rob :pray:t3:


There is at least already one thread asking for an “anime” category, but yeah, I think a unified “edits” category would be easier. It would also help to make sure the animation and art categories mainly had original works.


I mostly do creative edits of cosplayers, and I think I’m gonna get another account for that, and do regular bytes on my main. Might be something to think about.


I do feel like there should be an “Edit” category that is separated from “Animation” and “Art” categories.



I’ve been thinking about that since I joined and have just been setting the category to animation. It would be nice to have an Edits category that way I can see all the edits in one place. I’m @KarmaPog btw if you wanna support each other :slight_smile: although mine aren’t as good as everyone’s else’s since I just started making edits lol


I’m glad byte got an anime channel but i agree that there should be a separate channel! There are currently a lot of anime edits but a “head channel” for edits overall would be great.
Something like this: Edits —> […], […], […] and then under the big “Edits” category all the other channels like Anime, Kpop, Sports, etc. channels are gonna be there. I’m @Luvyie on byte :confounded::butterfly:


I recently made a topic about creating a KPop channel like we had on Vine, would love to see it make a comeback!

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Love the anime channel.

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I do anime and game augmented reality and edits :grin::+1:

we got the channel! lets gooooo

my byte: @zensei
i edit as well so feel free to follow :flushed:

Sounds dope, I want to get into cosplay. Let us know when it’s up

Hi, i post my edits/ AMV on “chill” but now we have “anime” so idk where i post ,
i do less view on “anime” … if you have advise ?

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