Animation on v2

Guys since animation got so big on YouTube do u think it would work on v2 like short animated clips like a short comic animated
Project 13Untitled_2Project 6_1
What do you thinkthink Guys?


I think it could

Yes, go for it but do it because you like it not because of how big it has gotten.

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Its a good idea, different but good

I like animation channels like theodss1sout but… I don’t think it will be a thing for V2. We only 6second the animation must be fast. And maybe about 2 - 3 pages.

I actually think it has big potential! It’s very new and requires less animation due to the short format

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Yeeee sure would love to see something other than just videos but at the same time not pics

Its a very original idea, work on it

I think so, I can’t wait to see what is in store!

Hopefully Johnny sins will make his appearance

Indeed my son

hey read another animator’s story with vine

Nice this is something different!!