Animation and digital art on V2?

Hey people!

Nice to meet you all :raised_hands: I’m so excited for v2 and happy to join the discussion and the hype with the community.
I’m a designer and art director, and I wanted to share some of my creations!

Do you think v2 will be a good place for digital artists to share their animations?


Let me know what you think!



I think it totally be a great place for us because I believe it’d be easier for really cool animations to be made in the alloted 6secs

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i really love it
good job

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Thank you @Tozua ! :+1:

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i think this is very cool, and yes, with the rise of those sand/slime videos that are “satisfying”, think clean animations could come around and sweep them under the rug

im also going to tag our administrator @michael he’s an animator aswell :wink:


definitely keeping this in mind as an animator! my biggest issue with other social sites is how heavily they compress videos and how bad their loops are, so i’ve nagged Dom about fixing those things already. :grin:

here’s some of my stuff: :tumblr:


Yessss fingers crossed! It’d be great to have something like categories for different people using the platform with one for digital artists/animators! As a fellow artist, I felt like V2 would be great to show off small animations, WIPs and more arty things!


Thanks @michael!
Your work is amazing and I’m happy to see more animators and digital artists here :beers:

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I checked out your page and saw some of your other work. Needless to say, they’re awesome!

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Animation and digital art are truly amazing. Hope you do amazing, each project is unique so you most likely will!

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I love this post. If anyone has a twitter, follow me for awesome posts and videos @anelguhdija . I’ll follow back then when the app comes out we can make videos together :blush:

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likewise! your animation has such a fluid bounciness to it. very fun and polished, nice job!


@galshir had a look at your work on Instagram. Love it! Can I just ask what applications you use to make them?

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Wow man, this is really cool! I definitely think that V2 will be a good place for digital artists like yourself to show their creations!

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Thanks @Planet! :slightly_smiling_face:
I use Adobe After Effects for my animations.

Yes! I would love to see a tab dedicated to animators or animation.

@galshir I’d love to see more of your work, are you on twitter or IG? I’d definitely want to follow you on V2

as cartoonist/animator, I would love to see more animated and digital pieces on the platform and will definitely contribute as well

totally, they should’t just be everyday things, animation is cool.

I’m hoping for strong animation support as well, great work btw @galshir! :+1: