Animated or Static Reactions To Your Favourite Videos

Referenced From: Pictures features

~ Concept

Have the ability to display your emotions through custom made Byte images or animations in the comments of each video! Giving life to what is only static text and emojis at this point in time.

~ Examples

  1. Twitch’s Emoticon’s that are able to be static or animated.

  2. iMessage’s animations to certain keywords such as “Happy Birthday” (triggering balloons to appear and drift away) or the ability to toggle them manually. Have text be able to wiggle.

~ Final Thoughts

I totally understand that these would clutter the entire comment section, but with limits to how many would be allowed to animated per comment text cell could reduce the number of mind bending visuals it could present to the user. Resulting in a beautiful experience. Colour brought a the grey canvas.

Thanks for checking this out! If you have any questions or thoughts, let me know!

- josh mirecki


Love the idea! Could be unique, but it would have to be done in a way where it doesn’t look spammy.


Thanks @man ! For sure.


Would too many animation drain your phone quickly or increase storage space on phone? I like the idea though

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Storage space shouldn’t be really affected. Battery loss totally depends on how they implement it. 3D animations would result in more battery loss than 2D if it was being rendered on the phone. Also, they could be pre rendered as video.

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Pre rendering I think reduces the video quality… I prefer watching video with full resolutions