Animal Perceptions

Did you ever think about how, when you get dressed or naked in front of your animals, what they see is you SHEDDING YOUR SKIN! Every day, you drop your outer husk and don a new protective layer. Imagine if you owned a dog or cat that dropped all of their fur and put on new fur every day. How weird would that be?

Kane out.


Stop breaking my head :joy:

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I feel like snakes would know what’s up since they molt. They’d just be like “sssssame, bro”

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“Why you sssshhhhedding without getting bigger, bruh?”

“Hooman doesss a sssshed but clearly doesn’t do a ssssshred” :fire:

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“Do you even ssssshhhhhed bro?”

LOL, I never thought it :hushed:

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I am shooketh.

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this is why I joined this forum