Animal abuse

Yo @dom can we please not spotlight being mean to animals please?

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wait, i don’t look at spotlight very often… what happened?

What’s the vid?

@robloaks @wifiandre it looks like the video has since been removed from spotlight.


What was the video about exactly?

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Someone threw something at a cat as if playing basketball and hit it

wait what?? do you know who posted the video because i’m about to have a word with them and the @byte team

jokes aside; the video is [now] 14 days old, and

You may not have to say anything to staff, because I think they understood the concern after this topic was made.

another thing; if you find out who it is…

Please don’t flame them. I’m tired of seeing this community member receiving negative attention, because of humor (that i dont laugh at, often. But thats not that point). Especially w/ how many times byte staff showed them complete inclusiveness, while still listening to our forum advice (or cries).

Short story, even shorter: don’t trip. the spotlit video was removed.

Even if I remembered, I don’t want them to get bullied by a bunch of people so I purposefully didn’t screen shot or mention their @

I know it’s upsetting. That’s the very reason I made this post. I don’t agree with @ryanmccarley that we should be inclusive of the person and their type of humor if there being mean to animals. Maybe I’m misinterpreting what Ryan said in which case, sorry Ryan. So I don’t think we should be inclusive to that but I also don’t think we should bully them. Tell them they’re wrong and why and don’t do it again or risk a consequence and leave it at that