Android post quality?

Before we get any jokes about android quality :joy: har har…but fr, is anyone else’s upload quality quite poor today? It’s fine until I press the arrow to get the page where you add the byte to a channel and add the description etc, but then it’s really grainy and horrid after this stage, and I actually took the byte down. It’s crystal clear in my camera roll! :frowning:


I have the same issue sometimes, with an iPhone.
In my particular case, it’s because I was shooting in 4K and byte was compressing the video to upload it.
Check your phone’s video settings to see what you’re shooting in

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I notice this is especially more apparent while using the camera2 API, this can be found in the app settings under Advanced>Camera Implementation. I find that quality is better on cameraX but zooming in is very slow while recording and in preview. As @gwynerso mentions, compression might have something to do with as well. May I ask which android phone you’re using? I’m currently on a Pixel 4


Thank you both for your comments @gwynerso and @Noelz! I am using exactly the same settings as yesterday and my recordings uploaded perfectly then; unless I accidentally changed something and didn’t realise! I have always edited and exported from inshot and I have never had any compression issues in the past, but that’s worth checking when I next record. I am using a Samsung S7 edge, but I don’t use 4K for reasons already discussed :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I just goofed :woman_shrugging: lmao, thank you both for your insight!

EDIT: Yup, I goofed. Rear camera was in 4K, must have accidentally changed it. D’oh!