Android OS vs. iOS

we all know that the team of android OS and iOS workers are not the same amount of people and that’s why android is behind, but do we know when it will start evening out? Im on Beta Android and don’t have colored text, and I’ve been here since beta 1. I know how hard it is to work on it, so I’m sorry that if this sounds like I’m rushing the devs, I’m not y’all are awesome, I’m just wondering if we could all have a time frame.


I was a bit surprised when I found out that coloured text was added for iOS but I’m beta android and my text still doesn’t even align as it should haha

I think it would make sense to release the updates at a more similar time so that the app remain more similar and so that android isn’t always left catching up.

But then again I’m not a developer and do not know the processes. They are doing a great job already but it would be nice to have more consistency.


As an Android user I feel excluded because they release updates for IOS users first. But I think most byters have iPhones so they probably gotta focus on the majority of the the userbase (that’s not an opinion proven by data because it don’t work at byte😹) and also Android is harder to develop for since there’s WAY too many Android phones on variating versions of Android, depending on the level of support or age of the phones. some features like camera 2 API( the thingy that makes the camera not suck as much on some apps) is not supported in older Android’s meaning that the team would have to implement another solution for compatibility reasons. And that takes time to do. And also their Android developing team is smaller than their iOS developer team but Dom posted a tweet with job applications for Android engineers so I guess we’ll get features faster now😹


completely agree, I’m in no way judging the devs but I personally would prefer releases to be even, even if it meant they would take longer

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