An update to the forums

Hi there, I dunno about you guys but I feel as though that the forums are loooooong overdue for an update in design and functionality. Browsing Discourse’s official forums I’ve seen so many cool plugins and themes that the Byte forums could use. For one, maybe try switching the forums font to the one in the app and on the website. We should also have a footer with all of the link from the website! Adding support for “sign in with apple, google, etc.” would also be nice.

etc. there are so many good themes for us to use and I really feel that if the Byte team wants people to use the forums more, the forums should receive a bit of an overhaul…


Forum need a change.

tbh, the current forum looks waaaayyy nicer than the one on the screenshot (darkmode ftw)


(the 3rd and 4th pic doesn’t load, says access denied when i click)


Lol, there are multiple themes…(darkmode is available and many more)


Test here & explore:


I like how we are right now, it’s simple and not too cluttered.


This is just a thought but imagine if the forums became a social feed of sorts on the app? I know of an app testing this out so I think it would be pretty cool. I mean it’s just and idea but I think it would be cool.

While I actually like the way the forum looks now, I would want to see a few changes that I’ve seen in other Discourse forums.

  • Add a Discord widget to the side of the forums that would let people chat from the forum or see people online (on that note, just make the server the official server since the Forum (which is the official forum) and Byte staff are already in the server)

  • Replace the Forum categories with icons that match the CRT (tube) TV icons in the actual apps (that would look DOPE)

  • Add some Byte style to the forum so it looks like the app and website and not a separate thing, like fonts, colors, etc (the Asana Forum matches the style of the app, for example)

  • More sign-in options are always nice

  • Speaking of sign-in options, if they ever make Byte-specific accounts (like Twitter or Instagram), I would want to see that, but as a dev, that is a lot of work, so I don’t expect it any time soon

Overall, I really like the idea to update the forums to make it more Byte like. However, I would rather have updates to the app or a Byte Analytics App to be made first before the forum, as an analytics dashboard for Byte creators is a heavily requested feature.


i wish the discord reinvited me

I agree with every part of this comment including the part about Byte app analytics being preferred before forum changes, though the changes (especially making the forum more accessible and integrated into the main app) are definitely wanted!

Well said! :raised_hands:


what do u mean? What did u do?

this is just my opinon no disscrespt, but I feel like that the simple design on here is good enough. The point of this forum is to simply communicate problems between byters and the byte team for the most part and of course improvements for the app

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I said something a moderator judged me for

I just think that the forums should be made an app.


You can turn it into an app if you have an iPhone and click the middle button at the bottom of the screen then click “add to home screen”. Not really an app but close enough lol

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Can be an app with android too btw


Awesome now on my home screen

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There is a Discourse app you can download for the forum which I’m using right now.