An Opinion on Rebyte Groups + What Byte Has That TikTok Does Not (& Vice Versa)

So far, Byte’s forum has personally been one of the best things I’ve seen being used for an app like this, giving communication between the developers and between members of the community. It’s great. The app has its fair share of problems, though. Lots of posts today about the abuse of the ‘rebyte’ feature for already popular people, which hassles the algorithm in the same fashion that killed Vine originally.

With TikTok, though? One of the biggest problems with TikTok is definitely censorship from being from mainland China and the inability to capitalize on short-term fame. You always hear about people getting thousands to millions of views then suddenly getting 0 views for the rest of their time on TikTok, shadowbans being prominent for people breaking some generic censorship rules. Shadowbans on TikTok were everywhere, and originality was definitely shunned. What got you popular was following what was already done or what others were doing – use the same copyrighted songs, lip sync and have a big butt, and you have TikTok figured out.

It’s pseudofame, really. Actual fame would imply a genuine fanbase, people who follow you to YouTube and monetizable platforms, etc. There’s just too many “famous” people nowadays, whatnot with Instagram and Tiktok, when we’re all trying to become noticeable or memorable faces with monetizable content, and apps like TikTok have been terrible for creators to capitalize.

But what does TikTok have that Byte doesn’t have? Well, other than being backed by basically an entire country, they have the hashtag/follower system, and a more streamlined algorithm. But, heck, it’s only been less than a week of Byte’s release, these are all being worked on. Byte has the potential to be much more, a place where people can get their foot in the door and be known. Please don’t kill it in its early stages with rebytes of the same unoriginal, unfunny content – the sole reason the Vine community started to die, and rebyte groups only supplement the issue. Focusing not on inorganic growth by abusing groups for the algorithm but rather on your own content & how you can improve is the key to long-term success.

If there’s ever been an opportunity to build a fan base from the ground up, Byte is definitely it. Let’s topple TikTok as the app store giant :^).


I have been reading posts and comments about the R4R and Like4Like groups, and I can see how they are abusing the system and the algorithm. My feed right now, I see bunch of random people whose bytes have been rebyted, which I don’t have any problems with. The problem is THIS IS ALL I SEE, only rebytes from the same person over and over again.

I know the Byte team will address this issue. I am confident Byte will evolve into a beautiful place for creators, it’s still in the early stage, so I am very very hopeful for and optimistic about Byte’s future.


Definitely. It hasn’t even been a week, and the community is bumping, especially thanks to this 2000’s internet-style online forum that lets us all bounce ideas and keep us in the loop. The app has a ways to go, but that’s the nature of the game. Give or take a few months, I can see this evolving into everything we want it to be.