An idea for the app which is a must and totally should he added

So one thing is that I don’t have someone to record me most of the time and there’s no timer so a timer would help along with self touch. Another thing is where while I’m recording I can double tap so it goes to front camera like Snapchat does that’s would he awesome if you can add that. Another idea is to add effects like tiktok has which would also be awesome

If the Tiktok effect one is bad then my bad

Another thing is that I can’t check who in following


Indeed. It can’t be too hard to make it so that it shows up in the activity tab when I follow someone.


Also I need to look at who I’m following and who my followers are because imagine a follower is harassing me( god forbid) then I would need to block them or remove them.

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You can see who follows you in the activity tab, it’s the fourth from the left, the icon looks like a little lightning. If anyone is harassing you, you can tap their comment, hold, and releasing the tap, a little menu will appear with two options: Reply to and Report or Block that’s on Android. Also on their profile you can tap three dots and choose Report or Block from there.

If it’s real harassment, I assume you would first report them, and only then block.


Okay one laaaaast suggestion. If somebody was to access my account and wanted to deactivate my account (god forbid) I’d suggest there to be top security that is set up by me to protect it more

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