An idea for reposted content

i was just scrolling through the instagram explore page and came across this god-forsaken video of that women wearing that color-changing swimsuit. i say god-forsaken because every time i come across that video, it is a repost with no credit to the real owner so i can’t find the actual store.

we see reposted content everywhere, especially instagram. twitter has taken some nice steps by allowing users to tweet videos without quoting them. the video is then shown with the original uploaders username and the ability to click their username too!

i see tons of people taking use of the feature with no objections, myself included.

it would be awesome if V2 had a similar feature! it would be awesome if users could repost videos adding their own captions while the video still retains the credit to the original uploader.

the reposter could still get likes but the loops/views would go to the original uploader.

it would also be awesome if there was a way to catch re-uploads and add the original uploaders credit to it as well? ideally, in the same format as the repost credit where the username is placed comfortably in a bar at the bottom of the video (or however the team configures it)

with that as well, the re-uploader can keep the likes while the loops/views go to the original uploader. if videos are monetized, they can go to the original uploader as well!

as far as, out of app reposting,

i’m still for the idea of triggering an obnoxiously large watermark that renders the video virtually unusable. the idea is that this watermark is triggered whenever the video is being downloaded or screen-recorded is detected.

and yeah lmfao, that’s what i thought of!


Interesting idea, sounds a llittle complicated with the monetization part but I guess you mean like facebook.
On facebook you can repost a post and add your own caption, the likes of your post will be yours but you can open the post and it will show the original and you can like/comment on that one.


Sounds like a really good idea, without damaging the video with an ugly watermark (If its done through quoting the original poster wont loose the monetizing options)

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thank you!

the monetization would be kind of like youtube where if you use someone’s music, depending on their settings, they would receive any money made from the video instead of you

thank you! and yes hahah!

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This would be amazing

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sounds like a good idea definitely!

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right! i think it would be helpful!

i’m glad you think so! :grin:

Wow I really like that idea. Especially the part where the original poster will still get the loops. That will definitely help people grow on V2

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i’m glad! thank you :blush:

Your welcome :blush: