An Icon to Turn your phone to the side 90˚

So, i was watching @kevin.f 's video which was shot on a landscape orientation. Great stuff. But on the first view, I watched the whole thing sideways.

If there was an icon that would appear before the video started, to tell me to rotate my phone 90˚, that would make the viewing experience more pleasurable. At the same time, it would allow more creators with the same video format to participate in byte. Creators could be given the choice to select their video orientation if it’s to be viewed as such.

Just a simple Icon that appears for a quick second. Something like this:

It’s just an idea though :hugs:


It’s funny you mention that option. That same idea was suggested by another community member, but you bringing it up again may add more attention.

Thats it for reference.

Are those veiwing icons used anywhere else? I only ask because the request was similar :sweat_smile:


Appearing and disappearing is also a good idea. That way the viewer will be forced to rotate the phone. Or they might just skip it if they’re too lazy.
I haven’t seen the icon being used on any other platform. Perhaps I may have seen it being used in “phone app games.”


Oh yeah !! That’s actually a great idea


What about just making a landscape/horizontal channel or curated hashtag?


A category doesn’t work because it prevents you from categorizing based on actual content. If you make a horizontal dancing byte, it should go in the dance category.
The hashtag could work though.