An explanation please

I just got a notification for a byte about how you hold your beer, and immediately went to the comments where most all the ones I saw were children saying they were minors and wondering about why they got that notification as well. Is this a new feature/ is it possible to turn this off, especially this kind of content for minors. I’m not meaning to stir anything up, but people seemed uncomfortable, especially since there are literal children on the app. I’m just confused.


I agree that alcohol shouldn’t be promoted to children.

This may however be due to the apps Rating of 17+ with the age of 18 being the legal age in most countries.

Also the fact that cussing/ fake violence is also allowed, 18+ content may be promoted by the app.

tiktok has “infrequent/mild alcohol, tobaco, drug use or references” on their app store listing and is rated 12+. byte (rated 17+) also has this flag, and also some more relating to horror, violence, and “suggestive themes”. byte’s app store rating really doesn’t mean much to me as all social sites have (and sometimes promote) this content.