An explanation on tiktok culture from a Gen-Z

Hello! I’m 16 years old and have almost half a million likes on my tiktok account, which I’ve had for about three years now.

If you’re a millennial and have no idea what has happened to byte, here’s the explanation: Tiktok has been threatened by president trump to be shut down, and the entirety of the app began to panic. Now, tiktok has multiple “subcultures.” There’s the stereotypical “straight tiktok” which is all of the dancing and thirst traps, and there’s also alt tiktok and deep tiktok. Alt tiktok is composed of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as people in “alternative” cliques like emos, goths, egirls etc. It also is bled into by “deep tiktok,” which has shitposting and sarcasm and earrape and random sarcastic humor. Alt and deep tiktok have always disliked straight tiktok because tiktok used to be very different and better until straight tiktok became so famous and overtook the app’s culture. So when the threat of the ban came, alt tiktok came to Byte and let straight tiktok go to another app called Likee.

For alt tiktok, tiktok is the only place where most of us can actually express ourselves. It’s a platform where we can be open about our sexualities and be accepted for our different styles, so the deletion of tiktok is such a horrible hit to us. For me, I’m closetted IRL and have homophobic parents, but tiktok has praised me for making videos on LGBTQ and generally liberal issues. We gathered on byte so that this community and culture can keep on thriving if tiktok indeed gets banned.

The fairy comments are pure sarcasm that started on a tiktok of this obnoxiously vain dude saying fashion companies need to hire him now. Someone commented “my mom works for a modeling agency :fairy:‍♀:fairy:‍♀:leg:🏼:sparkles::fairy:‍♀:heart::fairy:‍♀ she said no” and that single comment became the next wave of humor on tiktok, which was sarcasm that flooded comment sections everywhere. I promise you they aren’t a personal attack, it’s the sudden turning of mood that is the joke.

For all the weird paragraphs with a bunch of emojis, that comes from deep tiktok. Tiktok has many sounds that are ironically used as a joke because of how cringe they are, so in the comments where those audios are used Gen-Z shitposts those paragraphs.

Gen-Z generally don’t use emojis unironically. If you see a bunch of emojis, it’s a sign that it’s sarcasm/a joke.

I hope this helped


also there are some emojis that are red flags that it’s sarcasm. things such as :smirk_cat::joy_cat::pouting_cat::crying_cat_face::sunglasses::weary::smiling_imp::sparkles::flushed::smiley::joy::rofl:


A good explanation! Thanks :slight_smile:

Let me tell you that Byte can definitely be a home for you. We are the “alt” crowd I suppose and you don’t have much of a sub culture thing going on here, generally, we just get along and do our thing. I think the bombardment of comments has caught us off guard as its not how byte really operates, commenting negatively to express a dislike just doesn’t really happen here. Some users may express a disliking of it all but honestly, we are mostly a welcoming and non-judgemental bunch. So welcome and have fun!



thanks for this explanation! although i used tiktok once in a while (guilty), i still don’t understand half of what’s going on over there.

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im glad you understand :)) sorry if a lot of us come off as rude… etc. a lot of our jokes are kinda extreme like #killallmillennials. i think we’re just kinda desensitized to those types of jokes because there have been the hashtags #killallmen and #killallbabies trending in the past as jokes. so please don’t take those to heart, we’re joking around but a lot of us don’t understand that we’re in a new space. thanks for being welcoming :))


Thanks for this info!

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Don’t get my hopes up. The no❤️ Comments are actual dislikes right? Tell me they are sarcastic too!

Oh my goodness the “yeah :heart:” and “no :heart:” comments are definitely sarcasm!!

there won’t be a single one that is actually a “dislike” nobody uses the :heart: emoji unironically anymore i SWEAR its a joke!!!


You learn something new everyday

I might be living a lie but I’m willing to accept this one :heart:

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yeah :heart:


I wish your profile photo is a fairy emoji so it looks more magical. :fairy:t4:‍♀:fairy:t4:‍♂

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can you link me to a “straight” tiktok vid so I can understand the difference?

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that’s a straight tiktok^

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straight tik tok is mostly just people dancing and lip syncing to audios. doesn’t involve much creativity, but gets the most attention.

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another example of a straight tiktok

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I’m seeing a lot of that on byte right now though with #alttiktok so I guess I’m not seeing the difference idk


no❤️ they aren’t❤️

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here’s an example of an alt tiktok meme

and this… this is deep tiktok… the most sacred subculture of tiktok

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