An explanation of the comments you might be getting (from a gen z teen)

I know us tik tok people migrating to byte is very sudden but let me explain to you a few things + get to understand the comments your getting.

1). we (alt tik tok) are normally use to unnecessary drama, as well as toxic behaviors on tik tok so for some of us it’s a superiority thing going on. (especially since a vast majority of us are used to being bullied and called weird by straight tik tok)

  1. millennials if gen z is mean to you in comments don’t interact, you will only feed in and make the situation worse.

  2. fairy comments aren’t meant to be taken seriously. (you guys have literally had a more extreme form of bullying then us and y’all are getting mad over fairy comments?.).

           - an example of fairy comments are chair. 🧚🏾✨ but make it electric   🧚🏾✨ , trump 2020 🧚🏾✨but on a gravestone 🧚🏾✨ , nice job ! 🧚🏾✨ just dont do it again 🧚🏾✨ , god doesn’t make mistakes 🧚🏾✨but your one of them 🧚🏾✨
  3. If you are nice to us and normally don’t attack back some people will start saying things like “you dropped this :crown:“ or “we stan”

  4. explanation of the :heart:
    no :heart: = we don’t agree with you or we don’t like you
    yes :heart: = we agree with you or we do like you

  5. straight tik tok is the side of tik tok that we don’t like. they normally fill up the algorithm with thirst traps and are people who dance with the same three moves over and over again. they are the reason why a majority of alt tik tok feels insecure (as well as the topic that tik tok only allows pretty people to get famous )

over all please just keep in mind that we are not use to such a warm and unproblematic community.
even if tik tok doesn’t get banned some of us might stay cus of the good vibes this app gives off.


(from another gen z teen) we are also so desensitized to cyberbullying that its become our form of humor. none of us take it seriously and we basically make jokes out of it. please understand that we dont actually mean a solid 80% of what we say


Guys, this has been explained over and over. It’s not that we don’t understand it.

It’s that saying “It’s just our humor” doesn’t fix anything.
“It’s just a joke! Don’t get offended it’s just humor” The answer every racist gives after being told their racist joke is offensive and actually causes harm. Same with people who do homophobic jokes, rape jokes… see the pattern?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a joke. If it hurts someone, and you keep doing it, you are choosing to be someone who hurts people and laughs about it.

We understand, and we don’t expect you to change immediately. But just listen to us instead of defending the bullying. We will wait for you to get used to a nice and accepting community if you just try to leave the toxicity behind. If it doesn’t stop, the kind people will just leave and there won’t be an unproblematic community to stick to for the ones who want it…


Ik there are some people who actually DO mean what they’re saying. but half the time it’s all joke

:relieved:we don’t claim those who are actually meaning what they’re saying :relieved:

send the people who are actually meaning what they say my way so i can sangwoo there ankles 🧎🏽🏌🏽

I mean, half of the problem is that you can’t tell who is saying it just as a joke. That’s the thing with inside jokes, if you tell them to people outside your group, they have no attachment to the joke and just see it as what it means. It’s why I don’t go around telling people they are worthless to me but I can say that to my boyfriend and we both get the joke… because its our joke.

(And also that’s a nice reference, I don’t know if you expected me to catch it :wink: )

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:eye:-, didn’t know people on this app read killing stalking :triumph:

Sis please, you can never know who someone is online until you follow them long enough that you see every secret they slip without realizing :wink:

Also there’s an anime in the works but it’s like one dude in his basement (joke intended) so don’t expect it to be too good :triumph:

they said they’re animating the moms head ( the shows gonna be in 3d animation )

I just heard that it’s like one dude and got sad because I think this could have AN AMAZING adaptation if it was done well and with like… a team and a studio and all lol

it could’ve turned out good if companies like shonen had the opportunity to be in charge of adapting it. it would’ve had more of a fan base then

I legit thought it was gonna happen, like… next year or something! I mean, now we have what… 3 big korean manwha adaptations on one season? I assumed KS would come next

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i followed you on byte btw :relieved:

It’s really easy. All you have to remember is that sometimes they are joking about meaning it and when the mean it they are just joking. To reiterate the simplicity of this, they really mean it when they say they are just joking and they are not joking when they say they mean it. I really do think that after the 42nd post of somebody genZ-splaining tiktok-ish to us the exact same way again we will understand the errors of our ways! And that exclamation point at the end of that sentence we have learned means this is what is known as “sarcasm.” :joy:



I’m just…imma continue to exist and stop having this conversation.
Thanks for offering the explanation.

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No❤️= we don’t like you

“Bro chill I don’t mean it.”

Dude wat

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checked you out and followed too because anime so obvs

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yw :relieved:

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big brain

I particularly appreciated being told to kill myself :+1: but they put a load of emojis so I guess that’s ok then cos it’s just what you do , if you don’t want to get attacked don’t kick someone’s door in and start on people who are happy to accept anyone and are on byte to avoid the TikTok drama , we love you guys bringing the place to life and I’m sure it’ll all settle once you all realise we’re not the enemy :fist:


thank you :relieved:, ngl the only reason i use tik tok now is to get audios for byte videos. either than that i’m not on tik tok