An easy Would You Rather

If you could choose ONLY ONE, would you rather

  1. All Mobile Phones (Basic and Smart) cease to exist or

  2. The entirety of the Internet cease to exist?


yea i can get rid of phones, need the internet tho

you may say, emergency? yea, just tag the police on twitter :slight_smile:


The phones, tf? What is the good of cellular phones with data without the internet?

Imagine this were 2005 and before. We’d be fine without the internet since phones were only used for calling really.

But id prefer internet so i guess id get rid of phones.

Not gonna say :zipper_mouth_face: I love them both so much and I’m not about to jinx another “me” in some other cosmos, my bruv :shushing_face:.
Really tough WYR tho, dude :+1:t5: