An apology for the video that I made

Yesterday, I uploaded a video in the style of that “YEAH YEAH” kid from TikTok. In order to make fun on the format and play up to my dickhead of a character in the video, I decided to talk to “mynameiskawena”, which really was just a trash can. I thought I was being funny making fun of the format, but after several negative comments (one of which came from @thecatholicchurch) I decided to delete the video.

I’m sorry for what I said and I am especially sorry to @mynameiskawena. I should have known better and not uploaded the video in the first place. It was my fault and my fault alone. I thought I was being funny and satirical when actually I wasn’t. I am disappointed that I let the Byte community down and I hope you have the heart to forgive me.

Also thank you to @thecatholicchurch and other people for telling me that the video was wrong and allowing me to see the error of my ways.

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