An act of kindness

so i’m tired (obviously) and very complain-y and i want to get my head clear and kind of in a good place.

so i want you to try your very best to think of one time someone exhibited a big (or small) act of kindness toward you and please share it if you wouldn’t mind.

also post your favourite wholesome meme.

thank you, dudes. appreciate you lot so much x

mine if you’re interested:


one act of kindness that really stuck with me was when someone gave me a bouquet of flowers for my birthday, although i knew he was doing it to look good in the eyes of his crush, it might not have been pure intentioned and i might not like decorative flowers, but it made me day. and the next couple of days because people forget my birthday a lot and it’s okay because i do too but it felt nice to be…known i guess.

also wholesome meme!!



mine was similar to yours, so i never had a birthday party… EVER one time a friend of mine invited me to literally watch tv and hang… which was super boring but i had literally nothing going on so i decided why not?

as soon as i entered his place WHAM BHAM baloons everywhere!, confettis exploding, and all my close friends there with a cake yelling surprise!..

honestly i NEVER expected it, (and im a good inspector). that literally almost made me tear up tbh.


idk if this counts as a wholesome meme but here!! smaller-wholesome-meme-dump_oBZk8Th


that’s so incredibly sweet. i’m glad that happened for you.


it’s perfect.

p.s: nice pfp


thank you!!


I think i might just keep it as this pfp for a while, whatcha think?


i like it. tom and jerry finally getting along. i stan.


get on the gc??

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An act of kindness that I recieved recently was in my school. I had just left my old sixth form, so I was a brand new student (points to Annam for stating the obvious), and I was really nervous. I hated my old school because I felt as if I was getting nowhere. Then this girl came up to me and actually made the effort to be my friend. She introduced me to all her mates and now I don’t feel so alone anymore.

Simple things like talking to people can make their entire day.


Mine is similar! So I was about two weeks into my 6th grade year, and I was sitting completely alone at a table at lunch, with no one to even look at in a room filled with people. After about 3 or so weeks of complete loneliness, a girl decides to come and sit with me out of pity. Now, this was really crazy, cuz I though this stuff only happens in movies. After like a few months, she ended up becoming my best friend! And just because she did something nice, I became one of her closest friends!!! It was really cool, and it reminds me of what I should try to be. Then a whole bunch of stuff happened that was amazing that I don’t wanna go into, but I loved almost ever moment of that year because of her. We’ve remained in contact ever since.

ok sorry if I rambled but this is something i’m gonna remember 53v3r


That’s beautiful @arf :heart::heart: makes me glad to see people are still caring


they sure can.


that’s amazing :))

i’m so happy for you. friends are awesome.


I’m sure I’ve had many little acts of kindness that I’m not remembering right now. My memory isn’t great.

I like this one though. My family and I are from Argentina, and we were visiting New York for the first time some 5 years back. At one point we stopped someone to ask for directions, we got them, I thought that was it. No, the guy walked us all the way to the place we needed to go, even if it was in the opposite direction to the one he was walking in. We had understood his indications perfectly, mind you, it’s not that we needed more help, he just felt like doing an extra bit I guess? It struck me as a very nice gesture

I don’t know if that’s common or what. But I had this idea that everything moves fast in New York, that everyone would be rushing. Especially because I live in the capital of Buenos Aires, and in here people will stop for a minute to help you with directions if you are lucky. I thought surely the “city that never sleeps” was gonna be the same.


I’ve had some random person buy me food, because I lost my wallet on the train. I was so touched, I didn’t even ask for the food:joy:


that’s so nice :))


how kind of them. i love people like that.