America V.S Russia (a serious issue)

Donald Trump decided to put sanctions on Russia, pretty much destroying the economy. Trump threatened Russia with missiles if they don’t pull out of Syria. But Russia won’t do that.

Will there be a WW3?

What are your opinions on this?


I’m hoping this will gloss over in a few months, like most issues with Trump are

But I am scared; I don’t think it’ll be apocalyptic as we fear, but it is something I would be wary of because of the amount of progress we’ve been through over the last decade

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Well I actually don’t disagree with Trump on this one. And that’s really saying something.

Action must be taken to protect the innocent, and oppose those who refuse to do so, and I’m afraid diplomacy is out of the question now.

Worst case scenario, WW3 starts, I get drafted, and I die. Wouldn’t be so awful. In any circumstance, I don’t foresee the US and its allies losing. Just damage and fatalities.

I’m thinking that I wouldn’t want any other counties who are not involved in this beef with the two Presidents become allies for either those 2 countries.
The 2 presidents are so childish honestly. I wouldn’t want any country to suffer because of their immaturity.