Ambitious Community Video Event for Halloween (Plotting and Scheming)

I’m working on an idea and I could use some volunteers. Inspired by something that happened in the last couple of years on Vine.

Not sure how much I want to divulge here but let’s just say this would be a collaborative event involving, say, 15 people and the event itself would take place in the last 7 days of the month.

Of those 15 people, one of them is a killer. It’s up to the community to figure out who it is quickly, because the killer has indicated that during the last 7 days of October they will kill one of the 15 people every day, after which they will escape.

Anyone interested in more info hit me up, I’d like to get a group chat going and get this underway as soon as possible.


This sounds amazing :fire::fire:

So, among us byte edition? I don’t know, you seem kinda sus bro. Jokes aside this sounds intriguing

:sparkles:Among us byte edition :sparkles: Sounds pretty fun tbh lol

Oh god I wasn’t even thinking about that. I do see the similarities tho

How unfortunate timing

Really? No one is interested?

Or are the forums that dead these days