Am i overreacting? please, I need help

So I met this guy (A) online on vrchat like a while ago, we became good friends and such, we eventually sent each other photos of what we look like (super sketchy move, I know, leave me alone) he was cute, he said the same about me. We are the same age btw, I also met his best friend (M) from his school on the day we met also. He was cool, we also became good friends also, but I was closer to A, and M saw that too. Then me and A eventually began dating, going on virtual dates, and getting to know each other even more blah blah blah, so like a week later it becomes official pretty much (weird, right, maybe?). Everything seemed awesome. Then this happened. We were all in a playstation party (which is one of the three ways we can talk, ps4, email, vrchat but only when I am at my fathers.) and they both got into game chat while I was watching youtube. Then suddenly my boyfriend had got offline without saying anything, no goodbye, nothing, and so did M. That was weird for me, kind of made me sad, sort of anxious, because i like communication, but I don’t want to be controlling, so I wait.

8 days later, after trying to find out what happened and only getting like one or two emails from M like three days apart. One saying he was tired, and one saying anthony got his game taken away, notice he said game, so I thought that A still has his phone and so he told M… through… text.

See where I am getting at? So. Why no email, why no communication.

Then I see A got on vrchat, because i was on the vrchat website, I use that to see who is in before I get on vrchat or when I am bored. So I email to try to see if he was getting on playstation soon, seeing that he probably got his games back.


A and M both unfriend me on PS4, which is, like I said earlier, one of the only ways we can talk. I got mad, so tired and slightly intoxicated ferris sent an email, a long email at 2 in the morning so they can see it when they got up. I waited another day, no reply, got mad and sent an ultimatum today. and… I just really. I dont know what I want right now, thats why I want help.

here are photos of the emails i sent (the long one and ultimatum) please dont share, and show respect, because I dont have anything to blur their names, but their emails dont show, so plus lol. I tried to keep their identities hidden.

(edit; i forgot the photos)


I may be biased but I don’t make time for people that don’t do the same for me. If they don’t have the effort to say anything at all and up and leave, then I’d go about my business. Heck yeah it’s sad, but I dislike dumb excuses from people that can’t be upfront :man_shrugging:t5: but sorry to hear all this went down :100:


You have every right to feel the way that you do. And I know this isn’t gonna sound easy but it’s probably best to move on from people like this. In the end, you’ll end up getting sick focusing so much energy on people that do not care.

I hope you feel better. You didn’t deserve to be treated like this


yeah, like @KinglyNerd said for people like this it’s best to move on. there’s more people like this on the internet then you think, its easy to hide true colors behind a screen. i’m really sorry you have to deal with this, it wasn’t fair to you at all! if you’d like to talk more about it, add me discord. Reid#9999 :white_heart:youll get through this just keep pushing!


not much more that I feel I can say that hasn’t already been said, but you’ll get through this. life gets better when you leave the people who don’t treat you right behind. you’ve got this.


I would move on. I don’t mind when I drift apart from someone, but it is definitely infuriating when someone ceases communication and doesn’t explain. However, they do not deserve your attention. They are acting like idiots and you do not need to chase them around. It sucks, but best move would be to move on. There’s plenty other people in the world for you to put any more thought into two childish morons. Good luck✌️