Am I going to be over whelmed by trending bikini girls?

Dude I’m 35 comedian I’m not being a F boy don’t worry lol

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You have 0 problems with it. As I can see you can jump on a Gorilla any time and be °1 trendy on V2.

He’s a very flamboyant open and proud homosexual and I have to say he is hilarious as he plays his role very well

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I Best Buy myself a gorilla. Know any gorilla salesmen?

Oh okay, well then that’s a pretty accurate comparison! :smiley:

Actually… he’s bisexual but yeahh… he’s super funny, I’m always waiting for his videos.

Oh that’s just greedy lol

I hope not

I won’t be hating on anyone if bikini girls take over ■■■■■■ I’ll wait till it’s bought out by p hub and move onto the next platform that promises to be better

Also why does the word v I n e get blacked out on forum lol


This is why…

You can use Vine, just not with 2 after it.

Of course you won’t. But u know what scares me the most, the 30 - 50 yr olds watching little girls belly dance. thats why I was saying no hat to the bikini girls, cause they already getting looked at from a bad eye. not saying at all that u would hate them. and I hope no one does.

It’s hard as you said sex sells and there’s nothing that can be done to prevent half naked chicks and blokes from getting more clicks purely based on sex appeal.

Sexiness will always sell which is why that damn “don’t judge me” Challenge became so popular. People just wanted to see good looking people stroke their hair :joy::joy::joy: All social medias are over flooded with good looking people(both boys and girls) doing nothing but being half naked. They’re basically models.

Check this thread similar to this.

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That is true.

Sex does sell