Am I going to be over whelmed by trending bikini girls?

So I managed to make it big on because for the most part removed trending bikini girls doing nothing more then bouncing around and I get why they trended for nothing more then men getting free pornhub.

Even popular female comedians using there bodies like lelepons to elevate themselves above others. I was moved to Flipagram by musicallys owners and I couldn’t get a look in trending videos of girls using there bodies to get ahead how can I compete against this and are we going to see ■■■■■■ feed full of semi nude woman or underage girls belly dancing because people click this stuff and it trends full of comments from questionable men saying hey baby your sexy etc

No hate on women by the way. I get sex sells I really do I just don’t want to be flooded with it over funny things and I don’t hate lelepons either much respect she found something that works. I just don’t want to be flooded out with if. If I want naked women online there are sites for that. I hope ■■■■■■ is moderated as I had a man ask me to take my daughters top off and when I looked at his account he had illegal videos posted I reported him and nothing happened

What’s your thoughts?

You can be a F*ck boy then hahahhahah… nahh just kidding but this is something that I disliked from

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Found my new career move thanks :joy:

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Guys did the same thing on Vine. I remember all those vines of young shirtless guys humping the floor. I didn’t mind. :wink:

It’s similar to what is happening to Twitch. The “bikini” streams have taken over a large part of the site. Although I don’t have a problem with women expressing their sexuality I think there should be a barrier between bikini girls and other content. We have to keep in mind that kids will be using this app so I guess we just have to wait and see what happens.

I would lose viewers humping floors shirtless but surely content on vine needs to be a little more involved then that? I’m sure there are better videos suited to your needs on other sites Tom :joy:

HAHAH I imagined Shane Dawson saying this. But sadly it is true. I remember all those Grind on me videos.

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I really really hope not

Am I the only one that cringed at those? Lmao


You sure weren’t thanks god there wasn’t any Jacob Sourtioussomething around that time.

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@Twigsy Nope :woman_facepalming:

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I totally agree it wasn’t a take power from women post I fully respect women and the need to be impowered and of course as a male I would be lying to say I haven’t said damn she’s hot I just don’t want the trending feed to be flooded constantly

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Jacob was famous for biting his lip and rubbing his hair I tried that once and was asked to leave toys r us. Clearly a joke but you see my point it’s not a talent lol

I certainly didn’t make those floor-humping vines, but they became popular for a while on Vine because of all the likes and revines they got.

First of all… how old are you? DON’T BECOME A F*CK BOY.

Unless it somehow works for you

You’ve got a fair point there. I think it should be allowed but maybe there should be some sort of regulation idk. I mean i don’t mind but do agree with you on this.

Nerdy horny teenage boys watching hot girls play game must be a dream for them so I can see why that does well. No mom I won’t take out the trash I’m watching my girlfriend play call of duty lol

All the little girls thought he was dreamy I just thought it was disturbing seeing a child shirtless trying to be something he’s not.

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Listen no hate to anyone. it is the artists body and they could do whatever they want. But I believe that by looking at this community so far, everyone is already supporting each other and are saying that they will be positive. so whatever any one does whether it is showing their bikini or if it is showing there comedy, I just hope they not get hate for it, and that they are down foe being them and not their bodies.

I don’t know who Shane Dawson is, but I’m going to imagine he’s a cool person. :slight_smile: