Am I doing something wrong?

So I keep seeing posts about how people are gaining hundreds of followers within a week and sometimes even more than that. I’ve been posting for about a week and I’m not sure if I’m just not reaching people, maybe I’m just too new, or what, but I feel like I’m doing something wrong? Making these videos feels like a waste when others aren’t enjoying it too. So please help me out, tell me what I can do better, what I’m doing wrong, if my expectations are unrealistic, if my content just isn’t interesting enough, anything. Thanks so much


You only have 7 posts, I’ll say:

  • Try posting more and keep the quality have.

  • And instead of posting in general post in noupload or vlog if its a vlog.

  • use better hashtags instead of #yourmixpage

This app does have the potential of becoming huge its important to use hashtags that people may look up instead of general hashtags that everyone will use.

  • Other than that you have some great numbers on your page!

I made a thread to show the best places to upload in the app and some people have found it a great help.


Wow this is all super helpful, thank you for taking the time to critique and reply!


Your quality looks good, and your numbers look good too.

Keep posting- it’s weird what hits and what doesn’t. I’ve spent hours on animations and think they are awesome, and they get >10 likes.

My all time most popular byte is a :butterfly: in slow mo I captured on a whim and posted.

Don’t overthink it, and just have fun. Interact and comment on others pages too.


So, a couple of comments, in no particular order:

  • You food bytes are really good. I’m not even a fan of food content, but that banana bread one I had on loop for a while
  • Don’t use #yourmix or things like that. It’s a myth that it helps, the algorithm just doesn’t work that way, and you’ll get a better chance at being seen with more relevant hashtags that people might search for.
  • Sometimes, people brag about insane amounts of followers that… honestly don’t mean anything. If people are using fake engagement techniques (like auto-liking everything on latest, or following and unfollowing en masse) they can brag about having thousands of followers… but if those followers don’t care and engage with the content, it only hurts their performance in the long run. Don’t focus so much on having lots of followers, but in having followers that actually like your content.
  • You are just starting out, so don’t worry if it takes a little bit to start being seen! Just keep posting stuff, at your own rythm. As long as you enjoy what you are doing and are keeping tru to yourself, you should see some growth that just… happens.
  • Make sure to never meet me in real life cause I will steal your gorgeous amazing dress

You’re doing better than me in a week than I have done in two weeks. I haven’t even hit over 150 views yet and the highest likes I’ve gotten on a video is 10.

I don’t think you have anything to worry about, just keep uploading more. I just think some people getting tons of views their first week is somewhat luck. Also make sure to interact with other creators and their videos. This can increase your views because some of them may follow you and like your videos.


best way to grow on the app (imo) is to interact with other people the RIGHT way. don’t like/follow/comment expecting one back, do it cos you genuinely like their content! it’ll take some time, but eventually you’ll gain a core family of people that really like your stuff:) oh and also, keep being yourself. we love originality and good people


Thanks for the help! I will keep these in mind, and I try not to get caught up in the popularity contest of things, it’s just hard sometimes. Also, you can totally have the dress haha


The same happens to me. But sometimes it helps me when I see someone who’s bragging about having X amount of followers, and I check their stuff out and it has as much engagement as mine or less (and most of the time this happens I also recognize the accounts because they have followed/unfollowed several times or liked my videos as soon as they were out).


So much truth to what everyone is telling you here.

It’s also one of the biggest reasons I don’t want to see follower counts shown.

It eats at people too much.

“Why is this person who is making garbage spam so much more popular than me!“

Is something other people and even myself have thought.

Some of the people who blew up aren’t even posting anymore.

Perception is easily skewed.


:thinking:I would also say maybe engage with others? I don’t know if Discord is your thing but there is a Byte discord where many of us talk in. It’s really nice and we’re mostly active.

Other than that just keep on postin :sunglasses: The audience will come


Lots of good practical advice on this thread. The most important advice I can give you though is to focus on making stuff that you like and makes you happy. If people find it and like it, great. If not, you still have something you like and can be proud of.


Typically, the key to social media popularity lies not in content quality, but in regularity and engagement. If you want to grow, you’ll probably have to play the game - comment on other people’s posts, collab, etc. Luck, also plays a rather large part.

I understand your frustration though - I’ve been here since the beginning, and posting (mostly regularly) since the official launch. I don’t have many followers nor likes. However, I don’t really do the “social” parts of this social media platform, which is probably why I am where I am (or, I just have really bad content - but I don’t think that’s the case).

Especially since you’re relatively new, I say give it some time. Take advantage of a smaller audience and focus on really honing your craft. If your content is good, and you play the cards right, you should see steady growth. If you get lucky, you may even see a period of exponential growth.

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I feel ya! Been using Byte for a month. Still trying to figure out all the features of how to use. So I have been uploading TikTok videos to make it easy. Somebody give me some feedback on how to make great videos and find cool music on this app.:woman_facepalming:t5:

I’m following everyone in this feed. Periodttt!:joy::joy::joy::joy: Follow me back!:+1:t5: