Am I back? Just a random topic at a random time

Last month I moved from my country to the US, that’s why I was inactive. Now I’m back and this is the week where I buy my PS4.

What games should I buy?? Obviously Fortnite :sunglasses: it’s free :joy:

Also, I know you guys didn’t miss me :joy:

But for real, what games are good right now??


Aww really!!! how did it go?

Aaaaaaannnnd Welcome back boy :heart:

Congrats! Welcome! I personally like Mass Effect, Fifa, and Rayman

um, you should by this one game called UNDERTALE

Cod WW2 is the only thing I’m playing rn

Im playing Destiny, Fortnite and Fifa rn. Ive recently got COD MW remastered and Im looking forward to playing that. But look for games which you like best, not the top ones in the market

I love FIFA, definitely going to buy it

Is it good online?

Isn’t that for PC too?

I played mass effect on PS3

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It’s been amazing

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Good stuff man, good to see you around, hope all the traveling has treated you well. I’m off and on as well, but I’m trying to be more active too! Fortnite is the current biggie, but I’ve been playing a lot of overwatch lately on the PC.

ye 8char. But please don’t look up anything about the game though, it’s best played without knowing anything,

Owww thats amazing, I’m glad! :two_hearts:

Ayeee Jose! I’m super late to this topic lol, it’s good to have you back hope your move went well :smiley: