Alternative Verification Method?

So, after reviewing the verification process on Byte’s Twitter, I came to a conclusion. (1) I don’t have another verified account anywhere and (2) I can’t show my face on my account due to the nature of my content.

I’d really like to become verified to provide a sense of professionalism and authenticity to the audience I reach, but with how it’s being handled right now, I can’t do that.

Does anyone know if there’s a way around this, or if there’s a better verification system coming in the pipeline?





They do need a better verification process but I believe it should only be for individuals and brands that are at risk of being impersonated.
Not everyone needs to be verified, I have 204 followers but I don’t need that badge.

A popular creator badge may help, a bit like tiktok but it’s fine.

I hate to say it, but if they have a substantial following on another platform they should be verified to help their fans find them and be sure that they are legitimate.