Alright let me have it! Give me your best shot!

Took a lot to even consider this category BUT SCREW IT. There’s always room for improvement. Please critique my work @Adrioxas, Opinions, suggestions, ideas etc.


Opinion: Switch to iPhone, or better quality phone/camera :pleading_face: I love your craft though I think you’re funny.

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Thank you for the quick response :raised_hands:

I’ve been thinking of switching over, it’s been incredibly tempting :sweat_smile: but i also have only been using the in app camera :thinking:, so I’ll try some out on my actual phone camera and see how the quality is.


It’s better to use your camera and use a third-party app and export to the highest quality :ok_hand:t4:

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I mean with iPhone everything just works more seamlessly too!

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Please elaborate.

Like the latest camera update is right up there with pro cameras already but without the complicated setting you would have to learn on a dslr. Also non related but hooking up Bluetooth headphones have never been more easier with just a push of the button and just overall how much simpler and professional ios is getting.

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I was a Droid guy for a long time.

After the whole Note :fire: thing, I switched to iPhone.

Android is like the Delorean from Back to the Future.
It’s sexy and cool and has more features.

But it can also mess up and one glitch can wipe you from existence.

iOS is like the Jetson’s flying car. It looks like everyone else’s, and you can’t really customize or modify it other than color or size.

But at the end of the day, you still have a flying car. :rofl: