Almost doubled my interactions thnk u

To have this much interaction and feedback is crazy to me yall some g’s :goat:

Edit: this is a few hours after original post but I’m trying to actually grind any sort of establishment in the community I can without resorting to rebyte groups, f4f pacts, or self plugging in other channels as much as possible and for now it’s working I’ve already jumped further since a few hrs ago to where I have more loops than I have viewed so imma get back to it. Anyone complaining about growth not being possible on this app without fame or a group behind you isnt putting in the work.


congrats bro :exploding_head: @bevs if we tryna support each other

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You know what, Im gonna check you out, because I have mad respect for this attitude

It’s true that it isn’t easy to get noticed with how much the popular creators monopolize the app right now, but anyone complaining wants “fame” to happen to them in a week without putting the effort in (and sometimes without having content worth fame in the first place)


totally agree. In it for the long game

How did you do it

By posting original or at least not directly copied content from another user multiple times a day. And instead of interacting with a bunch of people I only interacted with who would support my posts

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can you see me our followers count is the same, let’s rebyte each other

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That’s awesome looking forward to seeing everyone’s content see you in the app
@ujyes Check me out


congrats I hope you continue to grow!!

Congrats dude. The struggle is no joke but you (in general) gonna keep on pushing and putting in the work. Hats off to you! :tophat::+1::clap:
P.s. The Tide pod video still makes me cringe lolol. :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

@ujyes (want to see people succeed I like to comment rebyte and like people’s posts) hope you enjoy mine as well @ujyes check me out it’s @ujyes