Almond Milk Enthusiasts Interact

If you like almond milk, then you’re in the right place.

I, Julia (AKA thecatholicchurch), has created a byte account for the sole purpose of appreciating almond milk. It’s called “almondmilkgang”.

If you like almond milk, hit me up! Submit videos of you drinking almond milk, talking about almond milk, flipping off a cow (the second largest source of methane in the atmosphere! so it’s okay to flip them off!)!

I love almond milk, and so should you!

So please, I ask you all to help me keep this account alive by sending me your special almond milk videos (I will give you credit when uploading!!).

Contact me here on the forums or by email (


You’re the best :sob::sob::sob:

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thanks maddy <3

I’m a fan of cow milk and the temperature at which is comes out



I like almond milk but to be completely honest, I can’t tell the difference of all these different types of milks loll so ill just have whatever


almond milk makes my tummy hurt :pensive:

I like almond milk with coffee (since I don’t use a lot of sugar but don’t wanna drink a beer mug of str8 black coffee I just add it for :leaves: :sparkles: flavor :sparkles: :leaves:

the difference is one makes you shit your pants and the others dont


I don’t see it
___ :lips: ___


Matcha Almond milk is the best! I can’t live without it now :sob:

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whispers trollingly hemp milk and oat milk do it better :eyes:


Noice I’m down

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I used to really like almond milk, but then I tried oat milk and it’s on a whole new level.

Not only is it even better for the environment because unlike almonds which take around a gallon of water per almond, oats are much less resource attensive both in terms of maintenance and resources. It is also very tasty.

Almonds in the United States are often also being grown and places with water insecurity, like California. Oates can be grown just about anywhere in the US, which empowers local communities if they wanted to get involved in the trade of producing oat milk.

Extra creamy oat milk is so good. When we gave it a shot at my house we all just completely switched over without any opposition. I will admit I still do enjoy vanilla almond milk, but oat milk is just so good it’s worth a shot at least!


Silk vanilla is where it’s at I’ve been drinking it religiously lol

wow I didn’t know about that. Ok Almond milk is cancelled y’all

Hello yes.

Omg I love this thread

I love almondmilk, but homemade is the best. I make mine extra thyck with a little coconut oil in it too. I used to like Almondbreeze but I think they changed their thickener because the texture sucks now.

Oat and hemp milk are good too, usually the baristas at my job give me that in the free “experimental” drinks they bring me. I can’t seem to do oatmilk well at home though, and hemp seeds are a bit pricy to experiment with.

Cow milk? All I can say is: no❤ (the heart is because I still eat cheese hahha)

Edit: folks who do diy nutmilk try it with PECANS it is sooooo good

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Almond milk / cashew milk & cocoa pops Is the only way to start the day