I just wanted to make this thread because I am so beyond moved by all of the bytes everyone has made for Amanda, aka @allintheory! As you know, she’s going through a lot right now and a few of us on byte decided to show her we are with her during this rough time by making bytes using the hashtag, “#AllInForAmanda”. Seeing those posts just totally touched my heart, and all over again I fell in love with this community. It reminded me of how things were a few months back when we’d all jump on the hashtags/trends, but the meaning behind this specific hashtag was just so beautiful! We’re here for you Amanda! Take all the time you need! Sending prayers and good vibes to you and your family! #AllInForAmanda!



I’m not good at art so I made my best with the things I know. Photography and video


i have so many emotions happening right now. i wish i could find words. i love you all. i am so grateful for the support. i could never have imagined the nightmare that is happening but i also could never have imagined the outpouring of love and support. thank you so much. :blue_heart:


The least we could do for the VFX queen❤️